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Hi after publishing from substance designer i got nothing in unity5 the material is so weird and i got this error..please see the error below

This happens because the outputs of your substance do not have a 'usage' tag. As a consequence, the Unity integration code is not able to guess the intended usage of some outputs and cannot properly map them to the shader slots they should be assign to.

To remedy this, you should add a usage tag to the outputs of your substance before re-publishing it in Designer (see attached image).

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Hey eric thanks for your reply i was try but i cant get it. in substance designer i got 4 maps diffuse, normal, specular, output and first 3 already got usage tag but output doesnt have usage tag so i add that tag then publish it in unity i got nothing can u pls help me and one more thing is for the output map i just add usage tag as diffuse is that correct  pls see the below image

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This second issue is caused by a bug that causes outputs that are not impacted by any parameter to NOT be generated :(

Which version of Unity are you using ? I think the fix for this was released very recently in 5.3.2p4, so could you please try your substance with this build (or 5.3.3p1)?

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