Author Topic: Substance got rejected after been shared for a week.  (Read 1569 times)

Hi, I though i would drop a message here to clear out a notification of rejection i got today for a sand subtance i posted last week.

The notification said this : Please make sure you set the output size of your graph to Relative to Parent x1 so that it can adapt to any resolution. If you use bitmaps as inputs, leave the bitmaps with an absolute size and set the next node to Relative to Parent x1.
Please also make sure the noises you use in your graph are never set to more than Parent x1 as it will make the substance slower than it should and potentially break the resolution setting..

I've checked my graph again and it's set relative to parent x1, all noises too and i'm not using any bitmap.

The file has been on the share for a week without incident so I'm a bit surprised to get this now. the old download link was this

I'd be very gratefule if i cant get more explainations,



Hey, I didn't find anything weird..
I'll double check with the team.

Thanks for looking into it. I re-submitted it in the meantime with the same exact file.




Did you got any news from the team?

Hi Nicolas, it was rejected because the sbsar generates the substance like it was set to Relative to Parent x2 (1024 instead of 512 in the Substance Player for example). The sbs is fine though, so it may be that the sbsar was generated from an earlier file before it was set to Parentx1?

Thanks a lot for looking into it :) I imagine it must be a very tedious process to have to manually dig into the submitted files to approve them.

I reuploaded the Sbs with a new Sbsar. It should all be sorted now.

Thanks again