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I am trying to create a transparent plane with a drawing on, and want to use it in unity 5,But it is not working

Ive created a Plane in Blender and added a material+Uv unwrapped it, exported as OBJ to SP.
In SP i have created an Opacity layer in the + menu, chosen one of the pbr with alpha in viewer settings.
used this link:

Then i have added a fill layer for the "bottom" which i hope becomes transparent, in the bottom, with my drawing on the above layers, and used the opacity slider.

All layers is being affected by the opacity slider, i thought it was only for the one layer, guess i have misunderstood something.
Is it possible to create an "invisible" plane, with only a "drawing" showing up, and use it in Unity 5?

Substance Painter, version 1.5.0
Build 819 - 04323dc88caa57965286f6e25e6e53964a9cc8dc


Hey lakrismix,

you need to use the opacity channel for the layers above, too. Set the opacity to 1 for those layers and they'll show up.

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