Author Topic: Herringbone Tutorial for Newbies  (Read 4454 times)

I haven't seen any good explanations for how to easily create herringbone in SD, so figured I'd make a video over it for anyone who needs help:

Hey  jamesjemory,

thanks for sharing this. Really helpful and straight forward, good job!
I'll move it to 'Community Tutorials', though, because it fits in there much better.

A small tip at the end: To get rid of the jagged normals you just need to plug in a 16 bit solid colour into the first blend node. You should never leave an input blank, even if the result is the same. Substance Designer doesn't like blank inputs in the blend node, for instance.
Either use a 16 bit solid colour or set the blend node to absolute 16 bit as the output format.
Now you can create perfect normals without the jagged effect.

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Ah thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware of that; going to make an annotation to the video now.

Thank you for the video.

And thanks Fabian for the tip, this is going to help a lot!