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Hi Guys,

I have started to look into masks and making complex Substances (I am still learning Substance Designer and have only really worked on simple materials).

I have started a floor material which includes two patterns which I am masking out via Blend nodes.

At the moment everything seems to look good and acceptable but I have noticed that one of the nodes I am using to achieve a specific pattern is the Weave Generator. I've tweaked the settings of this node to get the specific pattern I want but it isn't tiling correctly.

I am looking for some advice on how to get the weave pattern to tile properly.

Hey, can you share the sbs ?

Hey dev.davejames,

I guess you want to create an herringbone pattern? This will not work well with the weave generator.
Here you can get a good idea how a herringbone pattern may be created:

Another thing: To mask something like you did in your example you can get a cleaner and faster solution. I attached the image to this post.

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@Vincent Gault. I can defo send you the .SBS file once I am back home from work.

@Fabian F. Thanks for the masking tip I will have to try that out. In regards to the Herringbone pattern, I tried to do it with a tile generator and I used a 2D transform node to basically get two bricks that are rotated at two different angles but I couldn't get the bricks to blend together. They basically weren't lining up correctly and I was tweaking the rotation and the angles but wasn't going anywhere with it haha. The weave generator seemed to be the closest thing to the pattern I want haha.

The thread you gave the link to in your post, the way Josh was doing it in his first post on that thread was the way I was doing it but when it came to blending them together I couldn't get the bricks to line up and there were bricks intersecting and I couldn't get that effect.

Also how did you get those white edges on that blend node? Is that the blending mode you are using?

One more question as well. Let's say that I had a wood fibre node in there and I want that wood fibre node to follow the pattern of the weave or herringbone pattern. How would I achieve something like that?

Thanks for the quick replies guys!
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Hey dev.davejames,

the blend node has a crop area just below the blending options. Use this to create such patterns.
I use a Tile generator to create the herringbone. Use 'square' as the shape, rotate it by 45 degrees and use interstice values of -0.35 and 0.35 for X & Y.

Now you can use a vertical mask to get one half of the pattern. Copy the Tile generator and rotate the pattern further. A transform 2D is perfect to create the offset correctly, the filtering method should be nearest.
If you still get no nice results, I can share my demo with you, of course. I just want you to try it out a bit at first, because this is how you learn Substance Designer the best: try and play around.

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your issue is due to the fact that you are rotating the weave node with a transform node (breaking the tiling at the same time)
use a safe transform instead ;)

@Vincent Gault. Thanks man I have never used Safe Transform, I will try it out! :D

@Fabian F. Hey man thanks for the breakdown I love it. I will defo be trying this out when I get home. The Weave Generator is great but if I could make the pattern myself I feel I would have a better result and a little more control over things.

Thanks so much guys, really appreciate the help!
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