Author Topic: Default State - DirectX Normal True/False Not Saving  (Read 1200 times)

I'm using a state file to set the default scene material settings but it only seems like some of the settings are being respected.  Specifically, I have set DirectX Normal to False which I've confirmed by editing the sbsscn file and checking the line that reads:


I've confirmed that the state file is being read as it respects the tiling value I've set.  Any ideas how to remedy this?



This is still an issue, and if it isn't a feature it sure would make a nice one.  8)

Hi everyone,

The normal format from your preferences should work in the latest version (2018.2.1). This setting is only changing the default mode of the normal node.

However some options seem to be broken in 3D state files, such as the material normal format.

I'm going to have a look to it and I will come back to you. :)
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@luc That's amazing, thank you :)