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Sorry if this has already been requested but the option to place my materials in folders in painter would be really nice. Like a "metals" folder, "wood" folder, etc, I don't know what all the materials are called so I have to scroll through a list of 100 of them. I  also agree with another poster that backface culling with the selection tool would be really nice, even a lasso or a circle select on a top of that. What are other people using for as a replacement for the lack of a blur tool btw?

The shelf will be revamped in a future release and will feature folders and many more features.

To add to this, right now it seems that SP is loading everything into the RAM, I have lots of alphas and textures (grunge maps) etc, and the program alone is using 6.5 GB of RAM, without any project opened!  It's impossible to work, I had to get rid of all of the files and add them manually per project.

In Designer it seems to only load the files you have selected in the library tab, and discarding everything else off the RAM.

We need a revamp ASAP!

What version are you using? This issue has been fixed in 1.7.2 and only assets actually visible in the shelf are loaded in memory.

Yes, I'm running 1.7.2
If I just open Painter and let it sit for a while, it's taking about 1.5 GB of RAM, but once I start to scroll down my shelves (alphas, smart materials etc) it seems the RAM just builds up but never goes down, even if I scroll for a bit so it updates the tumbnails and then I let it stay at the same position for a while, it's just staying at the same amount of RAM taken, it's not flushing anything

The Ram is consumed if the shelf is computing thumbnails. Once the thumbnails have been computed, just close Painter to save them on the disk. On the next start the Ram should be stable.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Looking forward to it!