Author Topic: Substance Share novice-filters vs materials vs smart materials  (Read 3867 times)

Ok, novice question. Just signed up for substance live. I primarily will be using substance share assets within Unity.
Can anyone summarize the differences between the various types of assets available? Which can be imported directly into Unity? Which are meant to be used in Substance Designer or painter?

.sbs vs .sbar vs .spsm
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sbs are supposed to be created & authored within Substance Designer.
From this sbs you can generate a sbsar which is compiled version that you can use in external softwares (like Unity or Substance Painter).
spsm stands for Substance Painter smart materials

Hope it helps :)

It's a little confusing at first, it may seem like there is some redundancy but keep at it. I would look for what you NEED first, and then branch out from there if it's not working. Keep it simple :)