Author Topic: Want to upgrade to live but some misunderstanding about the price  (Read 1689 times)

Hi guys,

First of all, sorry for my english, it isn't my native language. :)
So here is my problem.
I bought the Substance Indie pack with Designer 4 some months/year ago (with promo on SteamStore) and I wanna upgrade to Designer 5.
On the Allegorithmic store this upgrade cost 75$, ok, no problem here but I've also check for the subscription of Substance Live and on the website I see Monthly payement at 19,90$ or Full payment at 50$.
So my question, after upgraded my Substance Designer to v5, if I want Substance Live, I will only have to pay 50$ to get it ?

I just wanna be sure before buy it.

Thx guys.

Yes that's right :)

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Yesterday after reading your reply I bought thoses 2 updates (75$ upgrade Designer v5 Indie and 50$ full payment for Substance Live).
And now, I have 2 licences for Designer v5 on my account.  :-\

I thought I hade to buy the 2 updrages, did I make a mistake ?

Hey beewap,

yes you made a mistake, but no problem, I am sure this can be solved!
Contact Allegorithmic through it's contact form or at and explain that you've accidentally bought the Substance Designer 5 upgrade & the Substance Live upgrade.
You should get a refund of the individual Substance Designer 5 upgrade.

Best Regards
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Hi Fabian,

Ok, I will do that.

Thank you. :)