Author Topic: Major problems with Modo Integration  (Read 2468 times)

Hello, I am experiencing a few issues with Substance in Modo. Any help on the issues below is greatly appreciated.

Using Modo 14.2v2 - 621568 and SubtanceInModo 2.7.5.

First Issue - minor
Substance is unable to properly set the layer effect 'Metallic'. It must be done manually every time. Becomes even more tedious from the second issue I have listed.

Second Issue - major
Substance properties getting reset? Once a material is tweaked to my liking, and the scene is saved and reopened, if I choose a substance material and then go to the Substance Properties tab, these properties reset themselves;
Horizontal and Vertical Wrapping get reset to 1.0!
The Metallic layer effect gets removed.
the Height image layer effect gets reset to displacement if I had changed it bump.
The manual states that the height channel should be set to Bump as default, but it defaults to displacement, not fun if you are running a real time render.

So once I want to go to a higher resolution or want to make adjustments, I have to redo this work. It's very tedious and surely not stable. One work-around I found that may clue you in to the problem; it only happens once per session, and after clicking a substance material, you can simply undo to revert the changes Substance is making on it's own. Substance should not be making changes on its own.

Third Issue - major
At some point I would like to break the connection to substance materials mostly due to the issues above, but also for archiving reasons. Luckily there is a built in function called bake to disk. Sadly it is completely broken and crashes Modo every time.

Fourth Issue - medium
Using the substance launcher is awesome, I love it. A few comments;
If I have already downloaded a few materials through the launcher and I click the send to Modo button, is the asset getting re-downloaded or using the data that was previously downloaded on my hard drive? Just curious.
Once the Substance material is in Modo, it is already loaded, which is convenient if you are staying in the Principled Shading Mode. If you want to use the Unreal shading mode, this function is pretty much useless as you can't switch the shading mode once the material is loaded.

Please let me know what I can do to assist.

Thank you.

Hi there, Integrations PM here! We are taking a look at what you've reported and appreciate all of the info! We'll follow up shortly with any answers we may have.
Substance Integrations Product Manager

Hi! We've been able to validate the issues as described and have added the bugs to our backlog and plan to provide a fix in an upcoming release.
Substance Integrations Product Manager

Thank you and looking forward to it!