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So I want to buy substance live but i can't because allegorthmic doesn't accept paypal (they say the do but actually you need a credit card to use paypal).
Why would i use paypal when i need a creditcard anyway. I don't want a credit card. does this mean i can never use allegorithmics software??????

Hey jellebooij,

here's how it works:

- if you want to purchase in full payment, then you don't need a credit card and can use your regular Paypal account.
- if you want the monthly payments, you must have a credit card linked to Paypal. This is a Paypal requirement.

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That makes no sense, Why would i use paypal when i need a credit card anyway. The only reason that i use paypal is because i don't want a credit card. on other sites it does work without credit card so why can't I use paypal on this site???

Hey jellebooij,

are you trying to buy Substance Live upfront (all together in one payment), or do you try to use the monthly payment method?
The monthly payment method can only be used with a credit card. This is a requirement by paypal and Allegorithmic can't do anything about that.

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Is it possible to use a credit card voucher to pay monthly?


Paypal requires a debit/credit card or to have a bank account linked to Paypal for the monthly payments to work. This is a limitation from Paypal.
If you wish to pay with the money on your Paypal account, the only way is to choose the full payment option.

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I think I see the problem here

What the store page says:

The store page does hint that you can pay the monthly fee with PayPal. I almost triad this a few days ago when I ordered but simply paid it all up front

PayPal and credit cards:
       Do you have the funds in your PayPal account to cover the total cost?

  There are two ways to have a paypal account
           1. Have it linked to your bank account
           2. Have a debit/credit card set up with the account
   The big difference between the two is if you try to buy something using PayPal (outside of Ebay since they work with paypal) and you do not have all the money in your account.

For example say you have only 50 bucks in PayPal and want to buy live for 300:
   PayPal accounts with Debit/Credit cards: PayPal simply charges the card, if the bank approves it then they front he money to the user

  Paypal accounts with only a bank  account: PayPal will use an electronic check to pay the merchant, problem is many merchants will not accept these checks.  Since unlike the debit card they have to wait to see their money