Author Topic: Whoops what have I done ?  (Read 1698 times)

I clicked on the pause subscription to live button and it instantly paused my account, EEEK I did not want to do this so I restarted it and paid $19 or what ever the amount was for. Now my time remaining was 5 days before I did this. it is still 5 days.

Does this mean in 5 days time it will auto renew and take an extra $19 (I no longer have :()

Help :)

Double help !!!

I have been billed twice now .... No idea how that happened

So I have no idea whats happening, I have two invoices from you for $23, My account reflects this leaving me with 1 last payment of $19 left to pay.
My paypal account reflects just 1 payment of $23 that I authorized.

Some how your missing $23, good from my point of view but not yours.

So I paused my account until I know whats happening


for that kind of issue, please contact Allegorithmic directly through the contact form on its website or via email at

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