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I see on the forums that substance live will now be a yearly thing, which when change when the new application upgrades are released. Right now we are in live 2015 and sometime this year live 2016 will start.

 Now I understand that if you are currently under the pay to own model that when 2016 goes live you can either upgrade to it or simply continue with 2015. My question is will it still be possible for new users, who own one of the older software versions (painter 1 Designer 5) to still upgrade to live 2015 once 2016 goes live hits or will that path only be open to people currently in the program?

Hey nmargie,

I don't think you still would be able to get software from the 2015 package.
Why would someone like to do it, anyway?

Substance Designer 4 isn't available anymore, too. I don't think this will change when Substance Designer 6 comes out.

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Let me give you a better example

   I have Painter v1 at the moment

Say I enter the payment model now, suppose 6 months from now you guys release the newer versions of the tools thus starting Live 2016. If I understand correctly what you will do is give people like me two options
   1. Just finish of my current payment plan and satay with live 2015
   2. Add a few more months to my payment plan and upgrade to live 2016

Let us say I do not start the monthly plan before 2016 launches. Will it be possible to still enter the 2015 plan or will that route be closed for owners of the old tools? Why would someone consider this ask? Well I am pretty happy with Painter v1 at the moment and while I am sure v2 will be better; until seeing the upgrade cost it is impossible to know if I will need the new features.  So I am looking at what my options are. Should I just pay 150 and upgrade to live now and wait and see what 2016 tools are like, or enter the payment plan and decide if upgrading is right at a later date.

So depending on how you guys handle the current software version:
  a. As soon as 2016 launches those who are not paying for 2015 no longer have that option
  b. 2015 live upgrade will still be available for a short time after 2016

  Will help me decide if I should buy now or wait   


We are going to explain all of this in the coming weeks, with a system that should make everybody happy we hope.
But let's say that when the new version comes, the old one won't be accessible anymore. So the upgrade cost from SP 1 to Live will be a bit longer, as it will be from SP 1 to SP2 and Live.
That said, I would suggest you to go with the monthly payment, as it will remain $19.90 per month. It's just the "payment duration" that would be a bit longer.

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Thanks for the reply, been looking at your past upgrade cost and they seem pretty reasonable.
I understand why you would charge more to upgrade from SP1 to SP3 than you would with SP1 to SP2

  Let me ask you one goofy questions

   If you buy substance live you pretty much get B2M for free. If you are already a live member and upgrade your entire live (all the tools) do you have to pay to upgrade B2M or is that done free as well

I went ahead and upgraded to live. Looking at past examples it is not like you guys milk the upgrade cost