Author Topic: Cannot edit substance across multiple users  (Read 1632 times)

A substance was created by another artist and versioned with perforce. I need to edit it, but when I save and re-import my changes into unreal4 I get the error:

LogSubstanceEditorFactories:Warning: Cannot reimport: source substance package cannot be found

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi jasonsbaldwin,

Have you tried deleting the UE4 version and then re-importing the sbsar?

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean literally delete the substance out of unreal and re-import it fresh? I'll give it a shot, but that would break all my instances and material associations. I'd hate to have to do that every time a substance is changed.

I assumed this error was related to something referenced on disk that either didn't get transferred across the network or isn't writable, but I'm at a loss.

Hi JasonsBaldwin,

We have identified this as a bug and a fix will be incoming in the 4.11 release. In the meantime the suggested workaround would be to send your sbsar changes to the other artist and have them reimport the changes. The bug is that the plugin can't find the file (due to your file paths being different).

Bummer. Well, I'm glad it's on the radar! Thanks again for the help.

Hi jasonsbaldwin,

Yea, I know that's not a great workflow for now :( But it will be fixed very soon.