Author Topic: .sbs SNOW for C4D  (Read 4001 times)

Hi Masters  :-* Unfortunately I do not have SD worried I use while C4D with .sbs loader(Substance Plugin- Version 1.2.) Could you give me .sbs files ? Big Thanx .Free Tutorial 


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Substance users generally share their assets on Substance share.

I invite you to have a look to see if you find what you want.

Thank you. I know this Hot&Nice page :) There are plenty of good material.
There is no similar. Sorry for my English

In this case, maybe you can directly concat Josh Lynch, to see if he is OK to give it to you ? :)

Info from Joshua Lynch - - Sorry, I am not giving out the source file.     ... :( 

Well, at least you have tried ;-)

what you can do is downlaod the substance Designer trial and do the tutorial ?

It'll take me two years ! Hahahaha ;)   I'll wait, maybe someone will do ....

ANY :(

Hi again @piotrcrass

You are currently asking to someone to watch a tutorial, do the job for you and give you the final result.
Remember that the forum members can definitely help each others, but that there is no obligation.

Uppercases are not necessary here.

Have a great day.

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Yes I know.But I would be very grateful :)