Author Topic: Tile Generator issue in c4d when fed with input image  (Read 2094 times)

Hello there,
it seems that Tile Generator is miss behaving in c4d, returning overlapping tiles if fed with an input image.
The same doesn't happen if it's used instead a splatter node, or if tile generator uses one of the internal shape.

Following image shows the problem:

First node: splatter node with shape node as input = returns correct tiling in c4d
Second node: tile  generator with shape node as input = returns wrong tiling (as shown) in c4d
Third node: tile generator with internal pattern = return correct tiling in c4d

Hi Andr,

Do you get the same incorrect results if you export the substance to tga files in Designer? Or is the incorrect result *only* if you import the SBSAR into Cinema4D?