Author Topic: 3ds Max Import isn't Correct  (Read 2926 times)

Hey all!

I'm a little confused. The problem I'm having is when I import my mesh into Substance which I exported from Max, the Mesh doesn't look as it should. Its supposed to be a basic conduit box with one panel having handles on it but when you look at the mesh in the Substance screenshot it's discombobulated  :o. I've tried to group these all together before exporting and that didn't work either. I'm stuck and I would welcome any suggestions.

~~ Nate

It's an issue with Substance 3D View indeed. You need to align the pivots of all your objects OR attach all your meshes together before exporting.

We are working on a new 3D view that should get rid of this issue.

Thank you, sir! That would make sense as I've adjusted the pivot points of all affected objects shown in the Designer screenshot.

Thanks again!  :)

~~ Nate

Follow-up: Workaround

For anyone having this issue, there is a workaround: simply export the mesh as an FBX. This issue appears to only affect the 3DS formatted mesh. I've done some experimenting and I discovered the following:

FBX Format:
Moving origin point doesn't cause this issue in Substance Designer.
Attaching or leaving the individual poly's "floating" doesn't cause this issue in Substance Designer.

3DS Format:
Moving the origin point/resetting the origin point causes this in Substance Designer.
Leaving individual poly's "floating" causes this issue in Substance Designer.

Hope this helps!  :)

~~ Nate