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i´m new to substance, trying to get across the learning curve :)

one question to the pros: when I publish my substance, substance only generates three output maps in the sbsar file: diffuse, normal, specular

but in the substance graph, I have also created and connected a height map, which is not part of the sbsar file - anybody can tell me how to get more than the three basic maps into the sbsar file?

thanks in advance!

It should automatically output whatever output node you add to your graph, you don't have to do anything specific.

ok, you´re right, substance export works as it should. (when I reimport the sbsar, all output nodes show up)

the problem seems to arise upon unity import, guess it´s somerthing like this problem.

the strange thing is: if I import substances i.e. from asset store, I will get all maps, not only diff, spec, normal.

will watch a few tutorials, hoping this issue is adressed somewhere. if someone knows the reason for only three textures showing up in unity, plz let me know
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You have to check the Generate all Outputs option in the substance material inspector.

thanks, man!! that was the problem!

Ok, now that all generated maps show up in unity, I ran into the next problem: I can´t assign those maps to my terrain composer texture slots; I get the error:

"InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.
TerrainComposer.draw_terrain (Int32 space) (at Assets/TerrainComposer/Editor/TerrainComposer.js:5601)"

so I thought myself, let´s just output the maps bitmaps from substance, without substance; but when I rightclick the substance and select "export outputs as bitmaps" I get the message "there is no output image to export from the selected graph"

I feel like an idiot

any ideas?
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was able to export bitmaps now...

the reason why it hadn´t worked earlier was that I had used a sbsar file

from the sbs file export works

but to me it is still unclear why exported bitmaps work, while substances don´t