Author Topic: Running SD4 stand alone possible?  (Read 2944 times)

Hi all,
is it possible to run SD4 Commercial, bought from Steam, without running Steam? I see numerous posts saying it isn't...and i saw this post on Steam saying it is...
As in both cases the answers are given by 'officials', i'm a bit puzzled.

As i really dislike Steam running in the background, i rather run SD4 stand-alone (i do prefer the Steam sale ofcourse ;-)

So, can i transfer my Steam license to the stand alone one?

Happy Holidays!


After mailing with support, i received a key in my Allegorithmic account.

Great service, especially during the holidays! *thumbs up*

Hi, i bought it also today and mailed the support but got no answer yet, hope i get it tomorrow, but i am not sure what information they need, have payed with paypal.

Regards Mathias

Hi Mathias, i only mailed the order number.


Hi Edwin, well i got no email about the order from steam, i have only this invoice number 1568675067740961673 from paypal...

I have the license, really nice support here  :)