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Hi I'm new to Substance Painter and am trying the demo version. I have a model of a ship created in Cinema 4D, it's basically 3 meshes, 1 for the boat, 1 for the gun and 1 for the glass bits. The ship is 1 mesh with 13 textures on it, so when I export the textures in SP I get 80 textures created in the export folder. Problem is I want this model in a mobile game and so want 1 baked texture for each of the 3 meshes. So combine all the ships 13 materials into 1 baked one
to then load into Unity. Currently when I import the fbx model into unity it assigns 15 materials to it which is too much for my mobile game.

Im probably doing this all wrong, here is 2 screen shots of the original fbx in C4d and then what it looks like in SP.
Question is how to export the ship mesh with 1 baked texture?

Hey firegod,

Substance Painter creates a texture set for each single material assigned to the object. The workflow for you could be:
Export the object with just one single material assigned to use in Substance Painter so you end up with a single exported texture.

The multi-material mesh can be used to bake an ID map to be able to assign materials easily.

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Hi Thanks, I thought I must have done it wrong, I wanted to easily paint on each part so thats why i assigned a different material on each section. I'll have to work out how to create an ID map in C4D, I've no idea how. Any C4D users on here that know how to do it?

Hey firegod,

you can bake an ID map directly in Substance Designer & Painter. Just below the channel list you'll find the button 'Bake maps'.

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This doesn't seem to give me an ID map with all the textures as different colours mapped to it. It does just the textureset that is currently selected. If you look at the tutorial videos they have a single large texture with 16 colours in it, with each colour covering its own mesh. how do I create this?

Hey firegod,

let me explain this a bit more detailed.

I mentioned earlier you should export a mesh with just a single material from your 3D application to use in Substance Painter. Doing this will help you get the first step done: Just one Texture Set (one exported material instead of many) and the baker will use the whole material, instead of baking just one texture set.

You need to specify a high poly mesh to bake. This high poly mesh will be the mesh you have now: the one with all the materials applied you want to get an ID map from.

The baking process can now be done within just one (and the only) texture Set covering the whole mesh, giving you a nice ID map of all material specified.

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Thanks Fabian, I'll give it a try.

Hi Fabian,

I am still not able to do this, is there a tutorial anywhere on this exact subject as I can't seem to find one.

Hello Firegod, you can start here exactly at 5:44 for an initial explanation (

and then further in the same playlist, in video 26, at 4:53 he bakes the ID map (
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Thanks I will try again. This current mesh is made up of 2 meshes and I baked out 2 ID maps but the 2nd ID map had assigned all the wrong colours and sort of blurred them all, I must have done something wrong so will try again.