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I want to make sure I'm getting this correct... for something from substance share.
Does the following look okay?

Title : "Arcane Arabesque Patterns"
Author : jeffersonmpinheiro
License :   
Source :

Seems I don't need the disclaimer except for myself/software I think...

Anyways due to the way licensing works apparently I have to attribute Allegorithmic no less than 113 times to be legal :o
That's quite funny, pretty sure not what he intended, but it's the requirement to be legal for CC 4.0 Attribution BY.
I now have a c# script that works offline based on the info I took off the myfiles section so that's fine :P, just figured people would want to know that it's per file and not per person.

Where does it state officially that the contents of substance shared files are CC-4.0 international Attribution BY?

IE free for commercial use. I know that's it's been mentioned in the forums but I think you should probably add a page to the substance share website for CC-4.0 BY so less people have to ponder if stuff is free to use if they give credit properly.

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There you go:
Substance Share is overdue for an overhaul and we hope to work on that next year.

Thanks for the link ;)

I'll make a suggestion, based on other stock asset websites I use. Allow the creators to choose a CC license when uploading (attribution or CC0) and allow users to filter out the CC licenses they don't want to see.

@JohnnyFactor That's a good idea, we'll see what we can do during the overhaul
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