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Hi allegorithmic... congrats on a great product and fantastic tools!  Just getting into substances and I could kick myself for not doing it sooner!

I am trying to design a substance for a clothing border.  For example to texture a T-shirt collar going around the neck or arms of clothing I design, and about 1cm in width and 2mm in thickness.  All this to prevent my clothing for appearing razor thin while giving the border itself some slightly different fabric than the main fabric and a normal map to give the illusion of depth on a thread hemming the fabric together.

I have found great substances for the main fabric itself, but none for borders!  Are there any available so I can learn how these are done?  I use 3dsMax 2013 for clothing creation and the final result has to render well in Unity.

Congrats and keep up the great work!! :)



Are you looking for a substance with only the border on it that you would apply on a polygon loop at your cloth edges ?

Hi Jeremy, thanks very much for taking the time!

What I have is basically a T-shirt with a nice substance for the main material, and I want to add another substance to give the T-shirt 'thickness' and the feel of a real T-shirt border all around.

As this needs top-quality rendering in Unity, I'm a bit stumped on how to approach the normal map generation... or whether to just create a grayscale bump map and let Unity convert it to a normal map?

The overall idea is in 3dsMax to simply assign this border substance to all my borders (approx 1.5cm wide by 2mm thick in the border mesh all around the shirt) and I get in Unity a nicely rendered border!

(For example, the UV mapping for the border that is 1m long all around the shirt would probably use the same substance texture about 50 times with the total substance representing a real-world area of about 2cm by 2cm)

Should I go with grayscale bumpmap or attempt with normal map??

Any reference substances that attempt borders in clothing??