Author Topic: What Shader to use for 3DS Max, VRAY, etc.  (Read 1356 times)

I was curious as to what settings I should set the shader to when using Substance Designer, B2M, etc. The default is PBR but I want to bring some simple maps into 3ds max to use with VRAY. Should I switch it to blinn - parallax, blinn - tessellation, lambert before beginning? Or should I make it with PBR then use the new vray convert node in SD?

Secondly, what maps do I need to export to get a good material for say a brick wall in vray? Is diffuse, bump, gloss, and height enough? Or should I use as many as I can? I'm not sure if there is a standard, or if you can over-do it. It's hard to find good documentation on this.

Thanks for the help!