Author Topic: Overlapping UVs in the Cage mesh - yes or no?  (Read 1742 times)

Hey everyone, I hope someone can help:)

So I know that when baking a normal map your cage must have the same UV layout that your lowpoly.
I also know that when you bake a normal map, you cannot have any overlapping UVs in your lowpoly because the bakes get added on top of each other.

My question is: Do I have to move overlapping UVs outside the 0-1 UV range for the Cage mesh as well? Or do I keep the Cage UVs overlapping?

Thanks a lot in advance!:)

Hey pacsuta.david,

I am not sure about that but I think you've answered your own question: The cage and the low poly need to have the same UVs.
If your low poly has no overlapping UVs, do the same for the cage.

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Hey Fabian,

thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it turned out that my model had terrible topo for baking and the way I rebuilt it, it was no longer feasible to overlap the UVs. So right now I cannot confirm if your assumption was correct:) but if I ever come across a similar situation I'll be sure to share my findings in this post