Author Topic: Substance Designer or Bitmap2Material?  (Read 2349 times)

Hallo everyone,

I am wondering if it's necessary to purchase Bitmap2Material if one already has Substance Designer 4?

So is Substance Designer 4 also capable of extracting spec, AO, normal, curvature maps etc. from a single photographic diffuse map and with the same quality and level of control (number of adjustable parameters) as B2M?

Anything else that B2M has that Substance Designer 4 hasn't?

Thanks a lot!! :-)

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Bitmap2Material was created with Substance Designer, so technically you could create the same filter.
There is a lite version of B2M in Substance Designer, called B2M lite. This will work for most of the cases.

However, B2M provides much more options, so if you want a top quality and control, and don't want to spend days to recreate the same filter, then you should get B2M.

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