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Need some advice for normal height metal finishes.

Every metal part on a gun was either turned on a lathe, mill, grinder or stamped out. Each has its unique patterns. Check this link to see what I mean.

What would be the best way to get different types of metal normal height finishes on my guns depending if its like the barrel and has a lathe pattern-finish or the receiver which has a more of a milling pattern. Should I design a substance in designer?,  or should I make stencil and try to paint only height information in painter and save as a smart material ? or?.  Here is a picture of what Im after, you can see the lathe turning marks,
Thanks Chuck
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Hey @chuck_3
for sure you would have more control if you manage to replicate then within Substance Designer (thanks for the ref BTW, I'll try do do some by myself)

Thanks Vincent. Your feedback is just what I was looking for. I will keep trying in Designer, I have very little experience with Designer, but I love playing and learning with it..  Cant wait to see what you come up with.   :)

Heres what I got so far. I like it other than if my UV shells arent all the right direction the lathe turning marks get screwed up on direction, so I have to mask those out , duplicate the layers then rotate to make all the lathe turning grooves to all go the same direction.

I used SD to make a sbsar for only height information.
now Ill see what I can come up with for a mill finish.
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