Author Topic: Hue slider locked in shared material  (Read 1757 times)

Hi guys!

I've had a few complaints, and after checking for myself, there is a problem with the Camo material i made for Substance Share. (I could be in thr wrong topic here, since its made in SD, if so, sorry mods!).

When opening the SBS, the hue slider works as expected, but when publishing the substance, the hue slider cannot be altered, even though its an exposed parameter, and visible as such.

Here is the file:

Hey Kay,
The hue is working great for me for the sbs and the sbsar (tested within SD and Unity)

Hey Vincent,

Thanks for checking. Not sure why it doesnt work for some though. Let me know if you want to look at the .sbs :).


I did, but except that it was in 16 bits per channel, I didn't see anything that could be problematic...