Author Topic: Substance for Unity 5: Creating PBR textures for environments and characters  (Read 55985 times)

Hey guys, I'm new here.

I'm having trouble on this tutorial: Substance for Unity: Chapter 03-02 Creating the ground model

Near the end of the video he extracts the faces of the plane. They are organized under one group.

On my side however, when I try doing the same thing, it sorts the extracted faces into a nested list.

Is there a setting to turn off that nested sort feature? I tried to go along with it but it restricted me from extracting anymore faces since its far too deep inside the nested structure. Let me know and thanks.
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I solved the issue, I had to hold the scroll button and drag the object outside of the nested groups.

I have painted a character in Substance and followed the videos, but I am stuck on how to import the texture maps for my character. I have plugged in the textures in the right places, with the right settings. But the character is just showing up black, more specifically the material goes all black once the textures are applied. I have followed other tutorials on youtube, following every step but my project results in black instead of the nice substance textures. Any ideas?

I have followed this as well to no avail: