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Hey guys... I've been hard at work designing a new character that I am looking to put into a game I am designing... for about a month I've been putting together, detailing, and learning new workflows inside of Substance Painter to improve efficiency in the workflow, including the ability to paint directly on Normal Maps... (just using a tweaked version of the B2M substance inside of Painter). So without further ado, here is the "final" version of the Black Ops merc...

He is in his bind pose as I am in the process of rigging this model for Unity. The real time renders are taken from Unity... enjoy

And here are some shots from Substance Painter...

Good work! keep it up ;)

Thanks man... I will have the entire making of on YouTube soon

Morning buds, after so much work being put into this character, I have finally finished the Making Of for this models... I will say, this is the heaviest substance painter project to date and I truly enjoyed working on this one... and I hope you enjoy seeing the process as well... Thank You