Author Topic: Place a shape on white pixels?  (Read 890 times)

I have to sets of lines, that cross each other (e.g. like a fence). If one set gets rotated and the lines are not perpendicular anymore the distance between intersections changes, too. I was looking for a way to always place a shape (e.g. a disc) onto intersections.
I managed to isolate the intersecting pixels as a mask (so, all intersections would be white, the rest black). Now I would like to map a shape onto these colored pixels. Is there any clever way of doing this? Is that possible?


Mmmm could be tricky...

Can you send an image of your lines (not just the intersection) ?


Sorry, upon re-reading my explanation I realized, that I should have posted an example right away.
Thanks for looking into it.

Pixel detextion to place pattern could be kind of tricky...
If your lines are regular, maybe you can do this with a tile generator and some maths ?

Some maths or simply using the transform node on the tile generator... right? I mean in this case things seem pretty regular...