Author Topic: Cheaper Normal Combine?  (Read 1294 times)

Hey guys,
Currently Normal Combine node is the slowest one in my graph and takes 170 ms to compute (as shown in Substance Designers graph)

That's around 1 second when loaded on iOS device (substances compute each time on level load)
and with 8 different variations that's 8 seconds load time just for this node...

Is there any way to speed things up?
I am combining normal map baked in 3D package with normal map generated from grayscale height map

Thank you

one way to extract and combine heightmaps, then to turn them into a normal map.
Working with grayscales nodes is always faster than color nodes.

I invite to test the safe add substance created by @massicotte.david (AKA David massicotte :)):

Hey Vincent,
Thank you for your reply
For some reason I failed to download "safe add" filter

My current graph looks like in the attachment
So you are suggesting to disassemble source normal map into separate channels and combine with details grayscale height map and then convert result into normal?


No: I was suggesting to generate height maps instead of normal maps, to blend them together, and then to convert into normal maps.