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i have not be substancing for long so I'm hoping this to be something simple that I`m missing :D

Designer is great at making regular patterns but how you you approach the base shapes (just randomly colored squares) for something like this?

i have tried the random tile generator options and blending multiple tile generators together but havent got good results that look like the image above.

Any help would be massively appreciated


The trick that I usually use is that for the Tile Generator I set the luminance variance so that each tile is a slightly different value. Then I can use that with a Gradient Map node in order to set the color of each tile based on their value. It works very well but the main downside to this is that the edges have to be sharp on the tiles so using the Square pattern is recommended for this approach. I attached an example so you can see this technique at work.

As for the cracks in the brick, you might want to look at the Distance and Edge Detect nodes as they prove to be rather useful for creating this kind of pattern.

Hi dessert_monkeyjk, thanks for you reply and sorry for my super slow one

Thats a neat way of re-colorizing gray scale but i was more thinking about the layout of the stones, the tile generator is a nice tool for alot of bricks but it always has a line running from one side of the texture to the other side

that link (as massive as it is) shows the same kind of random placement that i have not been able to achieve, there are no divides between bricks running from edge to edge