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Hello there,

I´m all new at this Substance-thing, but I really want to get into it, since I love the workflow it seems to provide.

So I am testing just the normal baking process, and I found a video which explained quite well some issues and things to take care of:

I just tried to bake on a cube from a high poly mesh (one with radius) on a low (hard edges). The result looks like I am missing something key-relevant to it.

Here some screens of the result in Designer and my FBX-files of the meshes.

any hint would be appreciated!


Ah, and another question:

The shading in Designer seems way too dark, I already pushed the lights to the maximum...

How come?

Make sure you check the "Avergae Normals" option.

Concerning the lighting, make sure you use the physically_metallic_roughness shader (3D View / Materials / <material_name> / Definitions / physically_metallic_roughness / Parallax Occlusion).
And reset the environment: Environment / Reset
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Just wanted to say I found the problem: My max frontal distance and min frontal distance were at 0.01, I tried some numbers and 0.5 worked well, in my opinion. Would you say this is a good bake?:

Yep, it's a good bake :)
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