Author Topic: Photoshop style flatten layers  (Read 2927 times)

So I have 12gigs ram.  Especially when working in 4k, really complex material combinations starts to become an issue.  To relieve this, once i'm happy with a complex material setup for a component of a mesh, I will export all the maps and create a layer form them, and use a mask to designate it to the parts I want that material on.  I will then delete all the material groups that got me to that result. Doing this free's up a lot of memory so I can work on different components, with in the same project.  If i didn't do this, all the different layers and effects would completely monopolize my memory.  It is made even worse if you have an object with many different kinds of materials, like combinations of wood, metal, plastic, ect.

It reminds me a lot of flattening or merging layers in photoshop.  Is there an easier way to do this than exporting everything and bringing it in as a new layer.  A merge layer or flatten layers button would be great.  Is there anything like this that i have missed?

+1 I'd love a feature like this. It already has a familiarity to Photoshop, this feature would be MUCH appreciated.

+1 A merge layers feature would be nice. Maybe even a way to cache the desired layers like in Mari.


I think this or some way to optimize layer groups would be great. Perhaps something similar to how Quixel 3DO zips layer groups?

+1 "flatten layers" would be an option! Sure, we will loose the "non-destructive" workflow, but if we really want to merge all layers into one and go on working from there - why shouldn´t it be possible?

yes please! :)