Author Topic: Tips for tidying up the graph ?  (Read 5510 times)

I am not sure I know how to "embed" graphs into each other
But I dragged Pattern mask into SurvivorMasterTemplate graph and I cannot access it's attributes

It would be very convenient if I could create some sort of Global variable which I could access from anywhere within .sbs file
But I assume that won't work with other packages

In any case thank you guys for your help. I managed to solve my issue

Hi again,
Making some parameters accessible from anywhere could be potentially problematic (as you or someone else may affect it without being aware of it)

To embed  graph 1 into graph 2 , just drag and drop 1 onto 2;-)

and if you want to access a parameter from graph 1 just go to this parameter and expose it

Then, when you select the graph instance of graph 1 into graph 2, the parameter should appear in the parameters.

Ok, I've finally understood it...yeah, took me a while ^^'
So I have to create parameters not within "master" substance but within "subgraph" first and only then expose those within "master" graph

Exactly: you have to define what is exposed (meaning accessible from outside), for each graph and subgraph.

You can also hold shift + alt to make reroute nodes:

Ok gave subgraphs a go, while it's a great way to make generic effects, unfortunately it does nothing to fix the graph spaghetti
At the end of the day games use multiple textures (albedo, normal, height), so it's impossible to avoid spaghetti for more advanced substances.
Re-route nodes are not a solution, because they require constant fix and readjustment, unfortunately I don't get paid to spend time making pretty graphs.

Are there any plans to add instanced nodes ?

Hey, can you post a picture of your graph ?