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Hi gang! I was doing some texturing work for a globe in substance painter, and I ran into some trouble when I added a MG Dirt generator to it. The effect is coming out like I want, but for some reason I have this one triangular part of the texture that sticks out like a sore thumb in it (See below)

The rest of the effect is looking just fine, so ideally what I would like to do is simply paint over this one triangle, but from what I can tell, it doesn't seem like I'm able to paint over a generator mask. Is there a way to do that, or do I have to tackle this in some other way?

Hey  did you try just to create a layer to see if you can âint on this triangle?

No problem with your UVs?

You can use a hand painted mask on your material layer, and apply the generator mask on a folder.

You could try setting the generator to multiply. Last time I checked, it seemed to depend on if the mask was created as a "white mask" or "black mask".

ie. Create white mask, add generator, set generator to multiply = you can paint black on the mask to hide the generator.
However, you can't add white onto the mask by painting (ie. to extend/add to the results of the generator) as you are only showing/hiding the generator which is filling the mask with black and white based on it's settings.

Screen generator on black mask would be the opposite of the above. (meaning you can extend the effects of the generator but not hide them)

Whilst trying different methods, you might need to use "invert" on the generator.

I have this one triangular part of the texture that sticks out like a sore thumb in it (See below)

That looks like a triangle that didn't get assigned the same material as the others in MAX/Maya/whatever. If that's the case nothing you do within the texture set you're working under that will affect that triangle. That can be useful in some ways but on balance I think the fact that each texture set is its own enclosed universe in Painter is a limitation.

I wish there were global layers and the ability to create texture sets and assign them to geometry in Painter, especially the former, it would be extraordinarily useful and it seems like something not terribly difficult to do (the global layers could be invisibly instanced into each texture set and therefore the texture set code would change minimally), but I have no visibility into the code base or architecture so that's an uninformed opinion. Also probably complications with workflows that loop back to your modeling/animation package after Painter that maybe I'm not considering enough.

Obvious ideas though, so I assume the Painter team has thought of them and they're already in the backlog or at least someplace on the roadmap.

Even if i think that triangle may not be an issue related to only the generator, you can try to directly paint over the generator effect like so, check the upper layer:

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Add the layer that contains the generator mask to it's own group, so group it with it's self. You can then add a white mask to the group and paint over that little bit.