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Is it possible to have a fx-node as input for another one and randomize the input fx-node for each iteration of the second fx-node?

I am aware that this raises processing time by quite a large amount, however, for a low amount of iterations it should be fine in most cases.

If it is not please move this to feature request.

It is not possible to control a node from another node, the second fxmap node can't ask the first one to change its random seed.

I guess you want to randomly draw different patterns in the second fxmap node, it might be possible to do that, but the different pattern versions will be static.
For instance you could have a square shape and a circle, and you want the fxmap to randomly draw square and circles.
It's not straight forward, I have to check.
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I know that I can use multiple static images that's what I did for my wool and fur noise (see my showcase).

However, to be able to control the input nodes would make fx-nodes just that much more powerful and enable us to create the stacked stone discussed in the other thread relying mainly on fx-nodes and having full control over the appearance.

For this it would be sufficient if the second fx-node was just able to pass down a random seed generated from the iteration (or simply pass down the current iteration number) to the first fx-node.
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Yes, I understand it'd be nice, but it means the data flow is no longer from left to right and it would require a lot of changes..

We have actually mentioned for loops in compositing graph at a time, maybe it'll come at some point.
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made a feature request