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I notice two problem with 3.7 version of SD. First problem occur when i try to import OBJ file. SD immediately crush. The second problem is some kind of glitch for me. When i go to 3d view and try to load mesh i cant because menu show up without option to do that thing.

You need to link your 3d mesh into a package in order to display it in the 3D View.

Concerning the crash, it may have been fixed in SD 4, but you can still send it to us so we can take a look.
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Yes, link mesh work, but why i cant load 3d meshes from 3d view like Substance Player? I like that function when i need to add mesh only for viewing purpose not actually link to my project. This come handy when i use seperate meshes,one with UV mirror only to show up in 3d view and the other mesh without mirror UV which i want to link to my project and work.

What need to send you? I try with simple box. Export from Modo in obj format and try to import that cube in SD. First seem import the cube fine. But when i try to make bake information from that cube simple mesh fire up critical error and SD close.

SD and Player do not work the same way.
Linking a 3d mesh into your package will not import the resource, it's just a link to the file on your hard drive.

What happens when you double click on the linked obj ?
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Ok, i understand that for linking resource , but i watch that video tutorial
And i cant see load mesh in my 3d view geometry menu. I remember well i use exactly this load mesh option from 3d view before. Dont know why this option gone.

What happens when you double click on the linked obj ?

LOL.....dont know what to say....Now link the OBJ file and double click on show up in 3d View. Also now i can bake information from obj without crash ... Before i start this topic first what i try was to link obj and double click on the file to see if any problem occur and YES SD crash immediately. Now work fine... Dont know what happen.

Indeed, this tutorial was made using an old version, we removed the possibility to open a 3d mesh from the 3d View in SD 3.5 (as far as I remember).

If you manage to reproduce the crash, please send it to us!

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Sure i will send if crash occur again but what need to send you?

Just the .obj file.
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Actually as I mention before this problem occur even using simple cube linked as obj and when double click SD crash.

I understand, but since I can't manage to crash SD using a simple obj of mine, it's probably linked specifically to your obj (or the way it's been exported). Consequently we need your obj to reproduce/track the bug on our side.

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Okay, sure. Maybe there is problem the way Modo export obj mesh. Next time when this problem appear again i will send back to you my obj file. Thank you for your help.

Could you check which version of Designer you are currently using ?  (in Help->About Substance Designer...)

There was a bug in version 3.7.0 which caused a crash when loading some .objs exported by Modo or ZBrush. It was fixed in version 3.7.1.

When this problem with crashes occur i uninstall SD and download the last version. But i am sure that at the time when problem appeared  my SD was up to date to 3.7.1 build 12763. Aaaa i tought that  crashes continuous after reinstall SD.What i try first after fresh reinstal was import a simple cube obj and double click on it.Everything crash in second. Thats why i open this topic here to find whats happen.
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