Author Topic: Where is Cyborg_GAME.fbx?  (Read 2431 times)

on cyborg tutorial files i cannot find Cyborg_GAME.fbx. tutorial says not to use Cyborg_GAME_Complete.fbx.
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Ufuk Coban
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Answering because I wondered this as well. 

As far as I can tell that .fbx is not included. The reason for the difference is that the right and left arms and legs use the same UV coordinates, which (I'm guessing) would cause weird stuff to happen with the maps generation. 

Anyway, all you should need to do is turn off the 'extra' parts in the map generation window. When you first go in, all the limbs are checked, but you just need to uncheck the three extra pieces.  If you watch the video closely you can match up which pieces need to be turned on, but the extra ones are the ones with the digit '1' at the end of the name (eg. arms1)

Incidentally, they also chose not to include an example of the base color map (uv to svn object id to color).   While you can generate it yourself, the colors are chosen arbitrarily with the color swatches next to each body part.   That means, unless you painstakingly analyze how the fellow in the video chooses colors (he does so very rapidly and without much of a guide), your results won't match his. 


When baking the SVG, you can choose to bake using "material ID colors" in this case, you can click on the color swatches to choose the color before baking.

Correct, but if the person following the tutorial doesn't choose colors extremely close to the ones chosen by the tutorial creator, the results quickly diverge.  You can choose the same colors by pausing the video every few seconds.   My point was to warn people that they need to be careful during that section of the tutorial or they could end up with a wildly different look to their model. :)

What you say it's true. But in my case it wasn't a bad thing - after passing the annoyed stage I dived deeper into substance and had some fun creating my own version of cymourai ;)