Author Topic: Usability suggestions for the SD UI  (Read 1326 times)

I've been using Substance Designer quite a bit for quite some time and I really love it, I'm one of the people who even used MaPZone back before SD was a thing.

I've used a few other node based interfaces however, and the one I've used most and like the most so far is the one in Blender. So I decided to make a video showing 5 of the features in Blender's node based UI to perhaps inspire you guys at Allegorithmic to make SD easier to work with.

Here is the video:

Here follows a list of the suggestions in text form, see the video for more detailed explanations.
  • Drag and drop nodes on lines to connect them in between two nodes.
  • Hold control and left click and drag to cut off connections.
  • Use another key, such as the X key, as well as the delete key to remove nodes and connections.
  • Select two nodes and press a key to create a connection between them.
  • Click and drag on an occupied input socket to pull out the connection.

I'd love to know what you guys (at Allegorithmic and in the community) think about these features. Have I just been damaged by using Blender too much or would they actually make working in SD faster for everyone?

I'm a fan of all of these suggestions.

I would also like to see the ability to drag a wireframe shape around groups of nodes to better organize what function is doing what, and so it is easier to understand at a glance what it is set up to do for a person who did not set it up, or a person who killed all his short term memory synapses in his 20's and more than a week has gone by since making the substance.