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Im new to substance painter and am having an issue updating my UVs on my mesh. When i go to update the mesh  (regardless if i try the original imported mesh with no changes or that same mesh with new UVs) i lose all of my layer information.

this is what im finding in the log:
"[Paint editor] The document contains data for materials that are not present in the loaded scene. Those materials names are [glove, strap].  You should update your scene materials names to be able to see and edit those data."

Im not sure how to update the scene material names? any help would much appreciated.

Hi! I'm a new user also. Can you post the object you have imported, in what program have you created it? Is it set up correctly before import? Meaning, you need to apply materials to it for each element you want to paint separately. For a character, e.g. assign a material for the head, a second material for the shirt ect, and give those materials distinctive names in your external program (I use Modo for this). Those will be the names of the elements displayed in the TextureSet List in Painter.

Those material names need to remain the same if you later decide to change the UVs and re-import into Painter.

I just tested it on a simple object I created in Modo. It works, when I create a second OBJ in Modo with completely different UVs and import that into Painter, the texture information is baked onto the new mesh. I then re-baked the textures (normals, curvature ect).
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Hey guys,

the error message is linked to the texture sets. When you rename or remove materials assigned to the object in your 3d software you can't update the mesh that way.
You need to have exactly the same material names when updating.

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Thank you both very much for your replies. After re-exporting from the 3d package with the same material names i originally imported with everything reprojected as anticipated.

I have not found an option for it but is there a way to export out your model from Substance Painter?

thanks again everyone for your help.

Hey laconicboy,

there is no option to export the mesh.

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