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Hello... for my personal needs I've made a Multi Material Switch which I based off Material Switch.
This basically allows you to switch between 2 up to 20 materials.

Was a lot of work involving XML editing and replacing as well as hand sorting 220 inputs...  :-X would be helpful if there was a way to sort inputs by their material groups alphanumerically.

SBS file in the attachment, depends on the two multi switches.

Free to use or distribute with Designer if the devs feel so
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I'm using your Multi Material Switch node in combination with the Automation Toolkit, trying to access the "Input Selection" parameter and randomizing it via python. Unfortunately, even though everything seems to work fine in Substance Designer itself, as soon as I want to access the exposed parameters via code, all outputs come out black.

This doesn't happen if I use the build in Material Switch or if I try to switch between color/ greyscale inputs (Multi Switch/ Multi Switch Grayscale).

Do you have any idea why this is happening?  >> Please have a look at my separate topic regarding this issue:,18809.0.html