Author Topic: FX map blending modes  (Read 2066 times)

Hi, I'm trying to make an fx map with four texture inputs that are leaves which are 'alphad' out. Using these maps I'd like to output a 'random leaf' texture using the power of fx maps. I have a good spread but the blending between the leaves are limited [?] to add sub, max and alpha blend.
Is there a way to do a 'straight overlay' between the input images? I know this not really what fx maps are for but it does a nice scatter of leaves! :)
thanks! -moved this thread here maybe to the right place!
I've simplified my set to have an fx map per leaf but i'm still after a different blend mode.

Unfortunately there is currently no way to have a different blending mode with FXMaps and there probably won't be. Overlay is too expensive for FXMap calculations.

no problem, thanks for the reply :)