Author Topic: World Space Normal to Tangent Space Normal Conversion  (Read 9970 times)

We got some data from an object scanner (World Space Normals), and one of my artists came to me, and asked if I could handle this in Designer, and I said of course, but upon further inspection, you can only go from tangent to world space normals, and not the other way around, is that an oversight ?

You can use the "World Space Direction" baker to convert a WS normal map to tangent space (use your WS normal as a "Direction File")
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I have substance 2017.1.3 and I don't see that node has this been deprecated/renamed?

This issue has reared its ugly head again, and the only solution I have found is XNormal, and I can't say that that solution is very tune-able, or intuitive.

Edit: It's in the Substance Baker, so you import the low poly, reference the high in the baker, and add the WorldSpaceNormals nose to the Bakers Render List....
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I've tried that and it just gave me back normal color-without any additional relief data