Author Topic: .sbs roughness is as expected, .sbsar roughness is darker.  (Read 957 times)

Hi guys, i made a substance that takes inputs, (height, roughness, basecolour, metallic), and adds puddles to the material.

The outputs are basecolour, normal, roughness, metallic, AO and height.

Somehow, when used as an .sbs, the roughness is only affected in the areas i want it to, but when published, the roughness map gets way darker, messing up the material.

The .sbsar also forces roughness to be 8 bit, regardless of my settings.

What am i doing wrong?

Hi Käy,

Do you get the same result in Substance Player (by using the sbs/sbsar), or does it only happens in SD?
If you have the possibility to share the files it would help to see what's happening.
By looking at the lines width coming from the sbsar node it seems to generate 16b.

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Thanks Gaetan,

I sent you an email with the files.


Hey Allegorithmic folks,

Any news on this issue?

Hey Käy,

We can repro a special case where we get different results, but they don't appear between the sbs/sbsar when we instanciate them in the graph. 
The differences we can get appear when we use the "Direct3D" engine and look at what we get in the graph and in an instanciated version.

Can you please try to switch the "Pixel Processor" node to 16b and see if you still get differences? We are still investigating on the "in graph/as instance" differences.
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Hi Gaetan,

I tried what you asked, and the roughness output is still way darker then expected.

Thanks :)

And by switching all the graph in absolute 16b, do you get the same result?
I'm still not able to get a difference using the sbs/sbsar by default, maybe it is also affected by the input you use.

As the filter can behave differently depending on the input (and the conversion you can get in the sbs compared to the sbsar) the bit depth seems to be related to the issue.
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I see, I cant really make out a difference. When using the filter it does seem to behave as expected in-engine (Unity). So its safe for me to use.

If needed i can mail the sbs and sbsar of the material im using the filter in.