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I have all the substance data base, though i cannot seem to find this one attach or something close to it. Any suggestion how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.
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You need an fx-node that uses a finished stone image (only the stone transparent background) to generate the wall.
Randomize the color and size of the stone and also slightly the rotation.

For perfect results also create a fx-node that creates a random looking stone and use that instead of the image.
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Hi retakrew7,
thanks for your reply, though i'm struggling to understand what you suggest.
Here is as far as what i could do, lol.

It's not that easy ;)

Actually this kind of texture (stone blocks with random sizes) is really complicated to achieve. I'm working on a pattern generator like this, it's not yet finished and I really had a hard time building it.

So I suggest you wait a moment until I make this pattern generator available..

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as input image I meant something like this:

you need to scale it down to a reasonable amount.

I also suggest you play around with fx-nodes until you get comfortable with it and are able to create some new noises and patterns.

what you are trying to achieve is pretty hard though.
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Thanks Nicolas, sounds great.
Very much appreciated. :)

Hi Nicolas,

Any luck with the one?
Will this pattern generator be available soon.
Or is it impossible.

I need this random stone texture, any suggestion which nodes to use would be very much appreciated.
I have many stone textures the problem is which nodes are required to achieve this random pattern plus no grout line.

This is what I am waiting for, too.
A good texture-generator for doing single Rock/Cliff textures...

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No Suppport on this?
Been a long Time