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Hello everyone,

As part of a game development project, we would like to test out Substance Designer 4 in our pipeline, to see whether it meets our need for creating high quality textures.

The thing is we can't even get the installer to work. We have already downloaded it twice, and each time we try to run it, we get a NSIS error with the following message :

"Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download or damage media. Contact the install's author to obtain a new copy"

Could you please tell us what's wrong with the file ? Again, we have made several downloads from different machines.

Thanks for your help.
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I had the same thing happen with the demo as well. Tried different browsers also, and couldn't get a valid install file.

On the plus side it was definitely worth the purchase.

Thanks for the reply bitterbug. That's kind of problematic then. Is it on purpose ? We would really appreciate to be able to test the Software before buying it.  :-[

We are experiencing issues with the website, hopefully these will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, I did notice yesterday. Could you please notify me when the windows Demo file is back online for testing ?

Thanks a lot.


We uploaded the 4.0.2 build.
We noticed however that with slow connections the download may cut, resulting in a file not complete and thus which cannot be installed.
We are working on this issue with our server host, although in the mean time you can find the build here:

Head of Product Management

Thanks a lot. I will come back to you when the download is complete.

EDIT : Wonderful ! It's now working smoothly :D Thanks
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