Author Topic: Can I use both Nvidia and AMD card inthe same system  (Read 1525 times)

I am thinking about including SD in my workflow.

The thing is I have an AMD R9 390 which clearly has no cuda cores.

 I was wondering if I buy a NVidia card and place it as a second card in my system will SD allow me to use the cuda cores on that card, even if my monitor is hooked up to my AMD card?

On other question.

     I know I can use my CPU for rendering i Ray. I currently have an i7 5820 (6 core). DO you think that will be powerful enough that I may not need to worry about cuda cores


Hey nmargie,

it is always better to have a 'real' graphics card. If you have the chance to rely on that, do it.
There is no setting in Substance Designer to use a specific graphics card but you can configure that in your Graphics drivers, I think.

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Yes you should be able to assign a specific GPU to be used by SD, though I'm not sure how it works with both an Nvidia and a AMD.

Anyway, one of the two gpu will be used by the substance engine (for the compositing work in the graph), it can be the AMD or Nvidia it does not matter, we don't use CUDA.
For Iray, if you have an Nvidia, it'll be used, even if your monitor is not plugged to it.
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