Author Topic: How can I reimport a normal map?  (Read 1998 times)

Hi! I really love Substance Painter so far, it is a very powerful program!
I have a question: I'm in a situation where I want to reimport a mesh with new UVs along with a new normal map. In other cases I may also want to change just my highpoly mesh after the fact, altering the normal map outside Substance Painter. Searching for help I found this:
but it seems to be outdated since under Edit>Project configuration I can select a new mesh, but not a new normal map. Where do I select a new normal map?
And I have another question: If I reimport the mesh with new UVs do I have to check "preserve strokes positions on mesh"?

Thank you very much

Ah nevermind I just found this video

I guess that should work :)