Author Topic: Paintbrush, current brush is not good for painting (accumulation, pressure etc)  (Read 4191 times)


SP sorely needs a paintbrush for stylized / handpainted looks. Unless I'm mistaken the current brush tool seems to be more like a dabbing tool for adding wear and tear to specific points with a mouse. Nothing wrong with that but it's very hard to paint with such a thing.

What paintbrush should have is:
- Fast/responsive action (it seems to lag a bit even when painting in 2d view, but that may be related to next item)
- Non-accumulative painting (current brush is similar airbrush in photoshop, somewhat useless for painting). Stroke should be self contained where brush density/opacity/effect is determined by pressure value of the tabled _only_. Having accumulation controlled by pressure is not nearly enough and is just unpleasant behaviour. This is the single most important feature!
- Round/generated brushes should have adjustable smoothness.
- Current "size space" / "alignment" concept should be improved, it is confusing and hidden by default. It's quite important function so it should be either automatic or prominently displayed (a tickbox somewhere that is always visible when painting). And it should be global variable.

There should be a way to make accurate geometric things, especially circles.
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Ah there is hardness instead of smoothness, so that is not needed again :)

Bumping this, as of SP 1.7.1 there is still no brush opacity or a way to disable accumulation. Current implementation is quite impossible for handpainted textures.

TL;DR: Photoshop-style brush opacity is a must.

Uservoice here:

The feature is in our backlog of feature requests. We don't have any eta to share at the moment though.

Good to hear, this is a pretty big thing for Wacoms and other drawing tablets.

Bumping this request again :)

I think it's probably one of the most important requests right now.
Also, there is another entry in uservoice with the same request and with a lot of votes (, but  hevonen's one is explained much butter.

Is there any ETA for it?